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Smita Joshi

a british-indian inspiring speaker, transformation coach and author

Smita’s perspective is that as we evolve as human beings, we are being called on to develop mastery at creating our lives consciously — with greater self-awareness, aligned to our purpose.

As individuals or as leaders of organisations, large and small, discovering our purpose and then being led by that purpose gives focus and meaning. It empowers us to be more productive at work. Clarity of purpose instills a sense of satisfaction that what we are doing with our life is worthwhile.

When embedded in corporate structures, a genuine purpose, aligned to the mission and values of the organisation, shapes a company’s culture and has it thrive. While still delivering on shareholder value, it serves to inspire its people to contribute to an organisational purpose that they can passionately subscribe to.

A clearly defined purpose becomes the new context, a powerful framework, inside of which to make choices that are consistent with what you stand for.

It opens up new possibilities, inside of which a new future, new solutions to old problems, emerge.

To find true purpose, we need to become skilled at accessing the unified field of consciousness. Ancient Indian sages referred to it as Atman, that is, your “Inner Self” or “Guru within”.

Being in sync with your “Inner Self”, your modus operandi shifts from the limitations of your identity to this higher consciousness. Your inner and outer worlds come into natural harmony. You experience peace, purpose, inner freedom and choice in the matter of your life.

For over three decades, Smita has been putting into practice that, regardless of your circumstances, it’s truly possible to create a purpose-led reality that is fulfilling and rewarding in the all aspects of life.

In over twenty years, Smita has led programmes for personal transformation to groups of several hundred people at a time with diverse personal issues.

She draws her inspiration as a speaker from the spiritual wisdom of India to Western thought leaders’ evolving understanding of the design of being human.

Throughout her own intense journey of Self-discovery, she’s explored and learnt from a multitude of disciplines, integrating teachings from gurus of ancient Indian knowledge and systems, including Yoga, as well as Western modern thought leaders of Ontology, Psychology, Neuroscience, to name a few.

Smita is the author of the Karma & Diamonds trilogy, a gripping journey of Self-discovery. In these stories inspired by real events, she shares how she overcomes seemingly insurmountable challenges by listening to the voice of her Inner Self. It leads her across continents and into memories of lifetimes long past to clear deep karmic patterns that obstruct her from love and happiness in the present. Developing the practice of listening to her inner voice, she is able to create an inspiring future that is free from her past.

Prior to authoring the Karma & Diamonds trilogy, Smita has worked internationally with global leaders of industry, winning multi-million dollar contracts. Her business career spanned 25 years working with Technology & Financial giants as well as start-ups. She has been one of the first in bringing India’s Information Technology services into the heart of British and European companies.

For her YouTube channel – Self Discovery Channel, she has interviewed global gurus and thought leaders.

Smita is an avid practicing yogi and teaches Yoga and Meditation.

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