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In 25 years of working in corporates, with over 20 years of coaching and mentoring people in diverse walks of life, and through my own intense journey of Self-discovery, there is one thing that I have realised with absolute certainty.

Whatever your goals and aspirations — rising in your career, fulfilment in personal relationships, living on purpose, manifesting wealth, transforming your health or expanding your spiritual intelligence — if you can learn to do this one thing, then you can transform your reality beyond what you thought possible.

That one thing is this:

When you tap into higher awareness that lies just beyond your known identity, the field of consciousness that is your “inner Self” or Guru within, you succeed at anything that you choose with greater ease and genuine satisfaction. Your spiritual intelligence expands in the process.

This field of consciousness is known as Atman in Sanskrit.

Tapping into wisdom that is Atman – that clear, luminous consciousness, the timeless, spaceless being within – you access the vast resources within you to  fulfil your cherished aspirations. 

Inspiration starts to flow. Creativity flourishes. New solutions to old issues arise.  The right people and resources show up to help you achieve your goals. You feel more calm and peace. Your sense of excitement and zest for life is revitalised.

Most of all, when you align your intellect with wisdom of the higher self within, you make choices that are right for you at all levels. The outcomes and results that you create are  substantial, enduring and deeply satisfying.

As a Coach & Mentor,
I empower you to:

Elevate your leadership game

Produce breakthrough results for yourself or areas of life that you are committed to

Quieten your mind for increased effectiveness

Tame destructive “mind monkey noise”

Deactivate conditioning and beliefs that are limiting positive outcomes

Listen to the wisdom beyond your everyday awareness

Make choices aligned with the inner voice of your authentic self

Create results that are satisfying for you within as well as in your outer world

When you make choices that are aligned
with the inner you, then ...

Magic Happens …

My Approach

I draw not only on what I have learned through intense study, but also having integrated that within myself, applying it again and again in my professional and personal life.

Working internationally for 25 years with Technology and Financial companies with competitive corporate environments has shaped my approach to producing focused, outstanding business results.

I’ve delved deep over three decades of my own journey of Self-Discovery, exploring and learning from a multitude of disciplines and modalities, integrating within myself certain teachings from adepts and ancient Indian texts and systems (including Yoga), and Western modern thought leaders of Ontology, Psychology, Neuroscience, to name a few.

Taking into account that each person I work with is unique from the perspective of cultural background, professional standing and generational outlook, I tailor my approach to suit your individual needs, drawing upon a variety of tools and modalities that best help to  fulfil your goals.

Ultimately, my strength lies in being able to listen from a deep place, where clarity and new intuitive insight can arise for you, leading to clear calls for action to accomplish your objective. 

Whatever your objective, you bring your unwavering commitment to it and I’ll make a solid stand for you to fulfil on it.

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