Guided Meditations

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AUM Shanti

Come and get centred in peace and calm

Let each breath you take clear away life’s chaos

Sweep away the webs of karma keeping you from a fulfilling future

Connect to the highest within your Self

Tap into your “Inner Diamond” 

Know the bliss at your core

Be true to your Self

Sat Chit Ananda



Welcome to Sublime Sounds

Guided Meditations by Smita

Meditation is an elixir for the mind and body and, ultimately, a pathway to the soul.

I grew watching my father meditating everyday. It was this that inspired me to start meditating at an early age.

I’ve now been practicing meditation consistently for the last 30 years.

I’m passionate about creating guided meditations that take you into a profound experience of being connected to your “higher Self” … because in that quiet centre of pure consciousness, that timeless space, that spaceless space … that’s where the magic happens.

Whether you simply want to unwind and relax, dissolve doubt, clear difficult karma, create a fresh future or amplify your connection to the Self within, I’ve recorded just the perfect meditation for you.

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Guided Meditation Sample Video

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Guided Meditation Sample Video

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Guided Meditation Albums

I’m delighted to offer some of my meditations as themed albums. 

You might find that a particular theme calls out to you or a topic resonates with you where you are in your life at present. 

I hope you’ll find many themes of interest through my expanding library of meditations. 

May these meditations transform your experience of being alive!

May these mediations bring you hours of joy, peace and delight! 

May these meditations magnify your Light within!

Guided Meditations for Karma & Diamonds

As part of the catalogue of my meditation library, I’m excited to now offer twelve meditations to deepen your experience of journeying within me through the pages of Karma & Diamonds. 

Reviews from readers of the Karma & Diamonds trilogy consistently echo that they couldn’t put the books down once they started reading them. The meditations that I’ve now created for you will make your experience even richer and more vivid as you take the journey of Self-Discovery with me through the pages of Karma & Diamonds … across the world and into the inner realms. 

NOTE: While these twelve meditations link to the Karma & Diamonds trilogy, each and every one of them can also be practiced as a stand alone meditation and does not require you to read the books.

All Guided Meditations

Often, just as you’ve begun to settle into a meditation, it’s already over. Time and the never-ending demands of life then grab your attention and the opportunity of going deeper into rest, into peace or the connection with that divine space of silence within is broken. 

Sometimes you might like to fall into lucid sleep while listening to a guided meditation. 

To let you drop deeper into the deliciousness of that sweet spot, the centre, I’ve created longer meditation loops.

Meditation Loops

I’ve designed the meditation loops to help you to get into a meditation and then stay there for longer, to drop deeper into your experience. 

Most of my meditations are available in short, medium or long versions. 

The meditation loops seamlessly glide into repeating the core of the meditation twice or three times, depending on which length you choose.

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