Karma & Diamonds Meditation Collection

I’ve crafted these twelve meditations to help you deepen your experiences of Self-discovery as you journey with me through the Karma & Diamonds trilogy.

Karma & Diamonds is certainly my journey of Self-discovery but I’ve written it so that, as you read it, you too get breakthroughs, personal experiences and Self-realisations of your own.

As you accompany me on my travels of transformation, my insights in the books shine a light to you see your own truths.

They inspire you to make positive shifts to gain greater clarity and tap into your inner power to fulfil your desires and aspirations.

The meditations in the Karma & Diamonds Meditation Collection will enrich your reading the trilogy.

Practicing these meditations regularly brings vividly to life your own journey of Self-discovery. They take you deeper into Self-awareness and bring about palpable experiences of Self-realisation.

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Three Meditations to Rise Above
Uncertainty and Living in Flow of Life

Immerse yourself in the tropical azure waters that surround the stunning Hawaiian Islands and soak up peace and calm.

Simply enjoy these meditations …

Or go deeper within and come away with some life-altering shift.

The insecurity of uncertainty is something that seekers aspiring to live life with Self-awareness find themselves confronting sooner or later.

On my own journey, I’ve had many occasions to embrace fear and surrender to trusting my higher Self.

Through these vivid and vibrant meditations, inspired by my own magical encounters in the islands of Hawaii, I wish to open you also to experiences of palpable transformation.

Floating on the Ocean - Trusting the Rhythm of Life

Accompanies Karma & Diamonds — Book 3 — Diamond Revealed — Chapter 5 — The Big Island

Find yourself floating on the Pacific ocean off the coast of the Big Island of Hawaii. 

There, hop into the ocean and let her cocoon you, let her hold you in her ebb and flow till you know for sure that she, as a representative of the universe, has your back.  

“The azure of the sky  … the sapphire of the sea 

A vast blue blend … reaching out one to the other. 

The gentle breeze … soft and cool

A welcome respite … a daydream in bloom.

What a perfect day … to stop in the blue

And take a dip … with no one in view.

Let the ocean … gracefully support you

Trust the ocean … to nurture and heal you …”

“I was floating! The feeling of floating on my back on the waves of the salty water, communing with the glorious, vast sky above, was one of the most liberating and joyful things that I had ever done … My ability to trust in myself had deepened.”

—Karma & Diamonds, Book 3—Diamond Revealed, Chapter 5—The Big Island

Swimming With Wild Dolphins

Accompanies Karma & Diamonds — Book 3  — Diamond Revealed — Chapter 9—Dolphins

One of my most treasured experiences comes from the times that I’ve been swimming with wild dolphins off the coast of the Big Island of Hawaii. 

“Sunlight glinting on the brilliant blue mirror … this vast … Pacific … to enjoy …Suddenly, a splash, then another … spinning dolphins … jumping for joy .

We turn the boat … and try to get near … 

Approach the pod … but make sure … to show … no fear. 

So many of them … the young males … they race to the bow of the boat …

Who is the fastest? Who’s is the sleekest? Who will today win … and get to gloat. 

We make wide circles … and the dolphins … they follow …

We then slow down … and stop the boat … in slow mo. 

The Big Island is far away … somewhere on the horizon … 

Just us … and wild dolphins … having fun … in the middle … of the ocean. 

The pod starts circling around us … letting us in …

Cannot wait to jump in … put on your mask, snorkel and fins … ”

“Just like the dolphins circling round and round beneath me, playing with me in the prism of light, I too had come full circle, realising more than ever that, far from being a cliche, everything that I needed to be whole, truly was within me.” 

—Karma & Diamonds, Book 3 Diamond Revealed, Chapter 9—Dolphins

Hawaiian Rainbows

Accompanies Karma & Diamonds — Book 3 — Diamond Revealed — Chapters 5 to 16

Hawaii’s frequent tropical showers reward you with the perfect arc, iridescent colours, that bewitch and bedazzle. Experience “Hawaiian Rainbows”

“The sun is an artist  … a passionate painter … splashing its light

Weaving with rain … its golden rays … all … for your soul’s delight. 

Magical appearance … a painting across the sky … pastel opalescent streaks

This … is the way … that mother nature … speaks … 

Nature’s own magic … bewitches you … with her rainbows

How she creates her mystical arcs … only she knows.

All that matters … is harmony in mind

Beauty in thought … and to yourself … be kind.”

“In that moment, I become powerfully present to the privilege of being alive on this beautiful, intriguing planet, for being able to feel with such intensity. I felt a mixture of joy and deep humility for the magic of this palpable experience.”

—Karma & Diamonds, Book 3—Diamond Revealed, Chapter 6—Chakra Cobwebs

A Meditation to Manifest Your Desires

Accompanied Karma & Diamonds — Book 3 — Diamond Revealed — Chapter 12 — Cosmic Postbox

Cosmic Postbox

In this meditation, I share a highly effective practice that I’ve developed and honed for over 30 years in my own work and personal life. 

It works powerfully! 

Cosmic Postbox, its setting located in an actual place in the beautiful islands of Hawaii, guides you step by step to create a clear intention and declare it powerfully to the universe to call forth a fresh, fulfilling future.

“Then on to the inner sanctum … a holy altar

A large statue of Shiva … as Natraja … the supreme dancer.

In front of him … a large three foot … six sided … quartz crystal

An enormous Shiva lingam … higher consciousness … to awaken. 

A pillar of light … piercing into  higher realms

Channelling Shiva-Shakti … the primordial energy of the cosmic domains … “

With an ancient ritual, allow the sacred fire to become your messenger, conveying your powerful requests for manifestation … 

“From the lineage of the ancient Natha … thousands of years old is this ritual

Know a thousand times … it works … this ceremony … so ancient … so mystical … so spiritual. 

Waving lit ghee lamps in circular motion … one monk recites beautiful mantras

Offering light to the deities … these lights … they weave magical … mystical … yantras.

Another monk rings a five-metal bell

And blows Shiva’s … conch shell … “

“The universe was indiscriminate. It wouldn’t interpret what you said or asked for, but it was keen and ever ready to deliver on your desires, conscious or unconscious.” 

—Karma & Diamonds, Book 3—Diamond Revealed, Chapter 12—Cosmic Postbox

A Meditation to Master Your Mind

Tame Your Mind Monkeys

Accompanies the Karma & Diamonds trilogy 

Go beyond your everyday identity. 

Train your mind to catch your mental chatter, discover the inner spaces of nothingness and ultimately, experience Who You Are.

Begin with quietening the always-on mental chatter of you mind and bring your mind into a state of calm and peace. 

“We are about to take a walk up to the Temple of Truth and Inner Freedom. 

This journey is an initiation into taking charge of your mind.

The temple you are about to visit is a safe place … within. 

It’s a safe place to confront your fears … 

You will look your most dreaded fears in the eye  … and emerge light and free … “

“Know that you are not your thoughts … you are not your fears … you are not your pain … 

Who you are … is the master … of your mind.” —Smita Joshi

Three Meditations to Connect to Your Higher Self

The central theme of the Karma & Diamonds trilogy is the power of your inner voice, the voice of your “higher Self”.

This is the exquisite part of you that exists just beyond your thoughts, your identity and your normal awareness … as higher consciousness.

Based on my personal meditation practice of over 30 years to deepen my connection to the higher Self, I have created these three guided rituals and journeys to empower to access the richest part of your Being.

Connect to Your Guru Within

This meditation is relevant to the weave of the entire Karma & Diamonds trilogy. 

A magical, mystical guided journey to your innermost Being.

Deepen your connection to your exquisite higher Self, your “Inner Diamond”. Tap into its wise guidance and it will transform your life. 

If ever there was “the secret” to manifesting a life you love, then this is it … 

On this scenic journey, you will meet your guru within.

Your deepest, richest treasure …  

The most subtle, unseen part of you.

This is the exquisite part of you … exists as higher consciousness … … just beyond your normal awareness.

When your mind is peaceful and serene … the two of you … are as one.

Always present … your higher self speaks to you with your intuitive senses … your deeper knowing. 

It leads you with its wisdom … its view of the bigger picture … of who you are, where you have come from … “

“The ‘Atman’ at the core of each of us is already fully formed, in full sparkle and radiance. It is waiting, patiently, for your awareness to locate its presence and claim it your prize.”

—Karma & Diamonds, Book 2—Web of Karma, Chapter 6—Washing Away Karma

The Goddess Meditations

When on one of my travels across the tiny tropical islands of Hawaii, I once lost my way and found myself on a secluded beach in Kauai. At the end of the beach was a dirt track that led me to the top of a cliff where I fell into a deep meditation … that’s when I encountered the Goddess. 

Later, at Kauai’s Hindu Monastery, just outside the Shiva Temple with the six-sided 700lb quartz crystal Shiva Lingam, another life-altering encounter with the Goddess in Green becomes a turning point in my life.  

These two deeply experiential meditations have been inspired by my own awakening to the power of Shakti, the higher feminine within each of us. 

Tap into her creative, spiritual power to enhance and illumine your life. 

Free the Goddess Within and Dissolve Self Doubt

Accompanies Karma & Diamonds — Book 3 — Web of Karma — Chapter 10 — Hidden Beach

This vivid and emotional meditation focuses you to clear away deep-seated, often subconscious patterns that block your happiness, success, peace and inner freedom. 

“Embark on a journey to meet your beautiful and powerful Goddess within. 

As you make the sacred connection with your Goddess, prepare to dissolve away self doubt, the fear of simply not being enough. 

The illumination from your benevolent Goddess begins to dissolve, one by one, the ropes of resistance that have kept you bound up in self-doubt.

By the end of this meditation, you will feel light and free … “

“Her presence, pure love, pierced into my very being. Her hand swept over my solar plexus, alighting my inner senses and sending my awareness soaring.” 

—Karma & Diamonds, Book 3—Diamond Revealed, Chapter 10—Hidden Beach

Invoke Your Goddess Within

Accompanies Karma & Diamonds — Book 3 — Web of Karma — Chapter 15 — Goddess

Grow your connection to Shakti, the exquisite feminine energy, responsible for creating entire worlds, by activating her creative power into your conscious awareness.

She is bound to delight your senses and soul … 

“You will know her when by her luminous being … you will recognise her by the way sparkles, by her radiance. 

You will fall in love with her light and playfulness. 

It is she, the one who knows how to lift you even in your darkest moments. 

When you let her in, it is she who can fill your heart with happiness and joy for no reason at all … “

“The Goddess responds when you reach out to her with a genuine, affectionate state of being — purity of heart.” 

—Karma & Diamonds —Book 3 — Diamond Revealed — Chapter 15—Goddess

Three Meditations to Clear Your Karma

These meditations are all about freeing you from aspects of your past that keep you from living a life your love. 

They take you on an inner journey to connect with the guidance of your wiser higher Self and with the laser beam of its higher awareness, dissolve destructive patterns of thought and behaviour—sanskaras—leading to entirely new ways of being. 

They help you to clear the way for a fresh future that is free from the stories, blocks and limitations of your past. 

Ultimately, they set you free to know greater love, happiness, success, peace and inner freedom. 

Walking the Fire - Clearing Your Karma

Accompanies Karma & Diamonds — Book 2 — Web of Karma — Chapter 7 — Firewalk

Imagine an Indian summer’s evening in the foothills of the Himalayas, right next to gushing flow of the River Ganges. 

On her ancient banks, indulge in a firewalk that to surrender whatever no longer serves you. 

Surrender it all to free your soul. 

Let the sacred fire liberate you so that you may spread your wings and fly … sky high. 

“It’s an Indian summer … a warm, perfect  evening

Mother Ganges drifts leisurely by … in full swing. 

This river adored, revered, as the most sacred 

Its dark, silent depths, hold many an ancient secret. 

At the river’s edge, the young priests in white and orange, scurrying around

Carefully constructing the fire bed for the firewalk of all firewalks 

Arranging the gateway, to bust through deep-rooted karmic blocks … “

“I stepped onto the flaming hot carpet of coals … Red hot electricity pulsed through every nerve and every synapse — my spine a rod of ignited brilliance … I am light … I am free …” 

—Karma & Diamonds, Book 2 Web of Karma, Chapter 7—Firewalk

Wash Away Karma in the Ganges

Accompanies Karma & Diamonds — Book 2 — Web of Karma — Chapter 6 — Washing Away Karma

You are a spark of consciousness. 

Wash away those erroneous or incomplete perspectives, deep rooted subconscious beliefs,“sanskara” or “samskara”, that keep you from experiencing the bliss of Being. 

Wash away your mental and emotional debris in the sacred waters of the ancient River Ganges. 

“Since ancient times, it has been known …

So mighty are her powers, she is India’s backbone.

The mind and soul … she deeply nourishes 

Whatever she touches … she invariably … flourishes.

Whomsoever may steps into her flow …

Ask with the right intention and she will dissolve your woes. 

Just one dip in the Ganga erases lifetimes of karma …

She grants moksha, liberation of the soul, so it is, her enigma.”

“I had heard it said a hundred times that just one dip in the Ganges erased ten lifetimes of negative karma, and I wanted some of that.” 

—Karma & Diamonds, Book 2 Web of Karma, Chapter 6—Washing Away Karma

Clear Your Karma with Another Person

Accompanies Karma & Diamonds — Book 2 — Web of Karma — Chapter 15 to 20  — Soul Centring, Completion of a Lifetime, Symbol of Terror, Midday Dawn, Intrigues and Eclipse

This is a powerful meditation, a ritual, to clear your karma with another person. 

Or said another way, to transform your relationship with a significant person in your life. 

This might be a person with whom you’d like to have a heart to heart, but for some reason that’s just not possible. 

This person might not be open to talking to you … they may no longer even be in your life.

Connecting in the subtle realms, the realms of light, working with energy and essence, you will transform your relationship with this person in the inner realms … higher consciousness. 

You will connect with you the wisdom of your higher Self, the intuitive essence of your soul, and be guided to clear your karma, soul to soul … You as an energy being to the higher Self of that person in your life, with the intention of transforming for good the relationship between you. 

An effective and life-altering guided meditation ritual. 

“Our relationship with another person is as much a reflection of our perception and expectation of how they should be. Just by creating a subtle internal shift, you transform your relationship with them.” —Smita Joshi

A Meditation to Be at One

Meditating in Sage Vasishtha’s Cave

A meditation to take you into the cave of your spiritual heart …

Stillness of mind, a peaceful heart, inner transformation … that is the invitation of meditating in the cave of Sage Vasishtha.

Based on my actual experience of meditating in this ancient cave on the banks of the River Ganges in the foothills of the Himalayas.

Bask in this cave of the great Rishi Vasishtha, a Vedic seer, one of seven giant sages of ancient India, the chief author of ancient Indian texts. 

The author of the mighty Rig Veda, Agni Purana, Yoga Vasishtha, you can almost hear the echoes of the minds of these extraordinary ancients.

The great sages, rishis, their profound meditations, now the salvation of man kind, through the universal knowledge, are palpable in this cave. 

Hear the primordial echo of AUM as it clears away the debris of your mind. 

“Get familiar with the space … it’s getting darker and darker

The only sounds you hear … are you feet’s … pitter patter. 

How deep are you now … into the heart of the earth

Hard to tell … no sense of space … no idea … of the girth. 

Now so very far … in the mountain’s belly

Inviting you in … embracing you … so fully. 

At the back of the cave … take a seat … on the bare floor

A humble floor … where great masters became enlightened  … and are now … sacred lore.”

“So still, sitting there, in utter silence … know the Light you are … in the cave’s darkness.”     —Smita Joshi 

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