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16-17 February 2018, Olympia London

New Workshop

Clear Your Karma, Free Your Future

Date: Saturday, May 2018 TBC
Venue: TBC
Price: £175


Karma & Diamonds
Book 3 – Diamond Revealed

Available Now

Three Books.

One amazing story…

Book One

A huge leap in to the unknown…

Book Two

A life threatening challenge…

Book Three

Just when life seemed predictable…

'Superbly written, deeply emotional and empowering'

'This trilogy is a delightful gift and a powerful testament of wisdom, self-belief, courage, determination and uncommon grace.'

'Her remarkable journeys through holy sites and ashrams is breathtaking and will keep you engrossed.'

'truly inspiring and healing'

'€œSmita has done a wonderful job of telling the universal story of each of our heroic journey home to our true Selves.'

'Across continents and lifetimes, she encourages us to trust our inner voice, so we can heal, find more peace and happiness, and to show up as who we truly are.'

'In the Karma & Diamonds trilogy, Smita shows how the happiness and fulfilment that we seek are often closer to home than we think.'

'Her account is as entertaining as it is frank. Prepare to ride a roller coaster with her.'

'€œA page turner with a difference.'

'€œSmita Joshi has given us an absorbing, heartwarming and inspirational account of how it'€™s indeed possible, with vision and self-belief, to rise above the challenges of life and succeed with gusto.'

'A whirlwind storyline packed with travel, action and emotion, it is often funny but will drive most of us to tears'

'€œHer journey is inspiring and optimistic.'

'Without ever preaching, Smita inspires and enlightens the reader to connect to their own inner Self and live life fulfilled.'

'She shows how it's possible to collaborate with the inner Self, even in the most dire of circumstances, to create powerful, wholesome outcomes.'

'Read this trilogy as just an engrossing story or allow its deeper messages to alter you forever. One thing is for sure, you will be not escape being touched and blown away by this unique story.'

'I loved the Karma and Diamonds Trilogy. This is a heart-warming and true-to-life account of the life and spiritual journey of a brave and determined young British Indian woman.'

'At times a heart-wrenching book, it also has a wonderful thread of humour woven through.'

||'The author has been courageously honest in her accounting, which leaves the reader with a strong connection not only to the story but to this amazing woman.'

'The character building and scene setting are excellently written.'

'The examples she gives of her life experiences, and the teaching she receives, are clear and easy to understand.'

'This author provides help and guidance to seekers the world over.'

Here is an enjoyable and informative journal of how a person can move from a life full of struggles to find fulfilment and happiness.'


“The Karma & Diamonds trilogy is a gripping journey of Self discovery across continents and lifetimes.

A page turner with a difference, it’s a compelling story about the struggles of a woman who courageously conquers the challenges life throws at her. A whirlwind storyline packed with travel, action and emotion, it’s often funny but will drive most of us to tears as we identify with the characters and witness many tragic events Smita gets confronted with. Yet, her journey is inspiring and optimistic.”

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What Smita's been up to ?

International Women’s Day event at the Oshwal Ekta Centre, 5 March 2016

Find your "Inner Diamond"


New Workshop

Clear Your Karma, Free Your Future
Date: Saturday, May 2018 TBC
Venue: TBC
Price: £175
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